NE Regional Coordinator

Andrew FaustAndrew Faust is the Northeast RIC. He holds a Bachelor degree in Urban Regional Studies from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and has over 18 years of experience in GIS and planning.

Andy joined the North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (NCWRPC) in 1995 to develop and maintain the NCWRPC’s GIS program. He has extensive experience with ArcInfo, ArcView, and database software to create land use, zoning, and natural features and parcel data. Andy is also responsible for the NCWRPC Census Data and affiliated activities. As the Information Systems Manager at NCWRPC, he is responsible for the purchase and support of office computers and Local Area Network (LAN) and development of web pages.

Andy has already played a pivotal role in improving communications between emergency services and public safety agencies in the northeast area of the state. As a founding member of the North East Public Safety Communication (NEWCOM) group, Andy is helping ensure that over 500 law enforcement and public safety organizations can communicate effectively throughout the region.

Contact Andy at or (715) 849-5510 x305.